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To everyone who has come out and walked and run, thank you! We could not to this journey of life without you all. As Tanner is getting older Duchenne’s has been slowly progressing. We are continuing to do everything we can to keep him in good health as we and the DMD community fight to find a cure. After the stroke Tanner suffered last year we are being followed very closely by a team of DMD specialist and neurosurgeons in Ohio. This has us traveling back east every six months currently. In addition, with the progression of DMD, we find ourselves having to purchase quite a bit of new equipment to help mobilize and move Tanner about. Supporting our team helps make caring for Tanner in this manner possible, and we cannot thank you enough. Adding to all these finally challenges, Pria continues to require surgery every 2-3 months. As of November, she will have undergone 87, and we have no end in sight. We are so grateful to each and every one who has loved and supported our family in some of our most challenging times. God bless!

Team Members

  • Traci & Toni Rico - Raised: $0.00
  • Shari Kirschenman - Raised: $45.00
  • Kim Kirschenman - Raised: $45.00
  • Stephanie Truhlar - Raised: $45.00
  • Nancy Robinson - Raised: $70.00
  • Danny Petkevich - Raised: $45.00
  • Victoria Petkevich - Raised: $45.00
  • Cole Petkevich - Raised: $45.00
  • Davia Petkevich - Raised: $20.00
  • Asher Petkevich - Raised: $20.00
  • Team Sponsors

  • Julie Epperson - Raised: $1,000.00
  • Scott Henry - Raised: $500.00
  • Lyndsey Waugh - Raised: $1,000.00
  • Juleen Busike - Raised: $50.00
  • Jim Nielsen - Raised: $7,250.00
  • Megan Yeager - Raised: $100.00
  • Fundraising Goal - $20,000.00

    $10,280.00 (51.40%) of Fundraising Goal Reached.

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