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  • The Mitchell Thorp Foundation and With Me Always® are partnering to help generate additional revenue to support our foundation through your purchases from With Me Always. Their creations are wonderful gifts for loved ones, especially for Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day and other special occasions.

    The Angelheart® Symbol of Love design was inspired by LOVE and each pendant is a beautiful expression of the LOVE the wearer feels in their heart. LOVE is something to celebrate, cherish and remember. LOVE’s energy connects us, fills our hearts with joy and happiness, and provides comfort and healing for the broken hearted. LOVE is stronger than any known force. LOVE transcends time and space, and can cause wondrous miracles. This beautiful jewelry design with its simplistic appeal says it all.

    The touching With Me Always® Storybook is a symbolic and timeless way to convey how deeply and eternally you love someone in the format of a sweet children’s story. Charmingly illustrated, this uplifting story was written with both children and adults in mind and speaks directly to the heart of both. Inside the front cover, the storybook includes an open dedication page where you can inscribe a personal message as a lasting keepsake notation. With Me Always® is an heirloom token in the guise of a children’s book. Grandchildren and all future generations will be reminded of the love of the giver each time they read it.

    If you’re searching for a special gift for someone you adore, we hope you will purchase one of these unique creations. The Mitchell Thorp Foundation will receive 40% of every sale that comes from this website so be sure to tell others about it.

    Share and wear the Angelheart® Symbol of love!

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