Posted On: June 25, 2018


Precious Ford age two and half previously healthy boy was admitted to Rady's due to near drowning resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest, severe anoxic brain injury, and intractable seizures. Ford remained intubated until May 20, 2018 and is now progressed to oxygen via nasal canal, by May 25 he was breathing on his own. Ford's parent have been by his side since admission. Neither parent has been able to work for the past 3 months as they continue to stay by Ford's bedside and also provide child care to the four other siblings. Thank you for your support to MTF by doing so we have been able to assist them under the Medical and Home Assistance Program. He will need a lot of on going therapy, family is taking him next for hyperbaric oxygen treatments which is not covered under their insurance. Please pray for Ford for complete healing and restoration.

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