Posted On: June 6, 2019


Joey age twelve loved playing basketball at school until one tragic day he collapsed. Rushed to the hospital and many tests later. He suffered from a stroke, spinal cord injury and paralysis. He currently is being kept alive with a trach/vent and G-tube he is unable to speak. He understands and can blink his eyes when his mother speaks to him. He is currently hospitalized receiving intensive inpatient therapies. Plan to discharge him in July as they train the parents on all that is required for him while he is at home. The hospital reached out to MTF to see how we could help this family. MTF has provided the family a grant under the Medical and Home Assistance program. Mom will have leave her job which leaves the family on the father's income at minimum wage. Please consider helping this family any amount is greatly appreciated. God Bless You in Your Giving to help Joey as he will need lots of medical equipment for the home.

Fundraising Goal - $3,000.00

$1,000.00 (33.33%) of Fundraising Goal Reached.
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