Mason & Chase

Posted On: April 23, 2018

Mason & Chase

We have two young boys with a life long muscle disease called muscle dystrophy myopathy. We are raising funds to help us pay for the much needed therapies for both boys. All of the doctors appointments and therapist visits are putting a hardship on us and we have some days we know we have to cancel therapy appointments because we need to catch up on paying them off. The costs now have taken a toll on us and we have had to stop getting the much needed therapy to help them. We have tried all in and outs to get some help. We found MTF which is a God send to help us with our medical deductible for both boys. My son's receive physical and occupational therapy weekly and a added swim water therapy and in the process of horseback therapy if we can afford it. I love my two sons so much I would do anything for them. This is why I also stay at home daily and lost my job to help them and get them to their daily appointments etc. Thank you MTF and all our supporters in making a difference in Mason and Chase life any amount is greatly appreciated.

Fundraising Goal - $5,000.00

$4,000.00 (80.00%) of Fundraising Goal Reached.
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Existing Donors

Mitchell Thorp Foundation$3900.00
Robert Herring$100