Cure Tadee

Posted On: April 18, 2018

Cure Tadee

Tadee is in the 10th grade now, still battling Lyme Disease and co-infections. The family came for assistance in 2013. Meds are still not covered by insurance to treat Lyme Disease. MTF has been assisting in helping the family get the much needed medication that Tadee needs to battle this horrific condition. Funds are dwindling down fast Please consider donating to Tadee so she can heal and thrive.

Fundraising Goal - $10,000.00

$1,050.00 (10.50%) of Fundraising Goal Reached.
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Existing Donors

Joe, Retta, Zach and Alexis Beery$1000.00
Leah Schmaltz$50
Love you Tadee Girl- Anuntie Leah